December 10th, 2005

"It might be a spoonful of water, save you from the desert sand.
It might be a spoonful of .45, save you from another man."
Willie Dixon, Spoonful

5 in 1

Five Shots - 3/4" Center to Center @ 7 yards

    At the age of 50 I retired to take one last last stab at what had been my first love, the plastic arts. I knew that I would be out on the "streets" more often than when I was working a straight gig with 24/7 on-call responsibilities, raising a family and going to college. I also knew that the abilities that I had by nature and training were not the same abilities that an overweight, out of shape 50 year old had. I treated my self to some martial arts training to add a broader range of skills to my repertoire. It worked out perfectly. Besides losing weight, increasing my aerobic capability, and gaining practical fighting experience thru competition, I also gained some real life self-defense skills. I soon had occasion to use one of my newly acquired skills. I had just exited an Office Depot when I noticed an altercation between two young Hispanics and a young Russian. The two men had apparently followed the other man off the bus and were harassing him mercilessly. The man being bullied was much taller than the other two but apparently was not prepared to defend himself physically and ran into the Office Depot. The other two men remained at the bus stop. After a few minutes the other man came back out of the store. The two Hispanics again began their bullying. This time the Russian began fighting back and started to get the better of his two attackers. At this point the smaller, younger Hispanic took out his knife and started cutting and stabbing the Russian. I could see blood flowing and knew that this could turn from a life lesson to a fatal tragedy.

I could not stand by and let someone be killed on the street. Every one else was standing around in a circle, unmoving. Most were small, young, Asian women. I had learned the proper way to use a kick to disarm someone with a knife. (The key is to protect the femoral artery to prevent a lucky strike by the attacker, strike low to avoid the kicking foot being grabbed and to strike hard and fast. I executed the front kick I had been taught to the hand of the man with the knife. While he was still in shock at this unseen attack I was able to separate the victim from both his attackers. The older of the two attackers then grabbed his younger partner and they both fled the scene. If I had not had that little bit of knowledge about dealing with a knife attack I, and my family, might well have been the victims of a fatal tragedy.

Well, time passes and nothing remains the same. I would be 63 in few months and I did not have the stamina necessary to maintain my fighting skills and my family and art. Family and art came first and I stopped my martial arts training. Now, slower, weaker, and out of shape I found my self faced with a dilemma. The area I live in had been and continued to be a target for daytime break in robberies. Hundreds of attacks had occurred. A dozen on my block alone. Some included violent attacks on the occupants of the homes. The criminals knew it was a target rich area and cruised the area looking for victims on a daily basis just as you or I would go to a job on a daily basis. I decided to get a gun for home protection and self defense.

    After much research I bought a Kimber HD Pro Carry II. This a 1911 style .45 ACP semi-automatic with a four inch, match grade barrel, polished feed ramp and a close tolerance slide. With a little practice and some custom hand loads, I had a reliable, accurate pistol and the skill to use it. Just in case!

    Little did I know when I bought the gun that the battle I would be fighting would be to protect my right to protect myself. On November 8th, 2005, the voters of San Francisco passed measure M which, among other things, bans, and orders the confiscation of, all personal handguns. The passage of this law, that restricted my 2nd amendment rights and thus my power to protect myself has made me say enough is enough!. Today, Ginger and I are changing the focus of our website from Aesthetics to Art and Politics. We have just begun to fight!