December 18th, 2003

A wink is as good as nod....

Tian Di Bu Ren

Jack Regan  © 2003

The Book of the Way and Virtue - Chapter 5 by Lao Zi. Translated by Jack Regan

Heaven and Earth are not benevolent,
treating the ten thousand things like straw dogs.

The sage, also, is not benevolent,
treating the one hundred names like straw dogs.

Heaven and Earth are like a bellows.
When empty it is not exhausted!

It moves and more goes out.
More words lead to exhaustion,

Unlike holding the center. a blind horse. (An old Irish proverb)


April 6th, 2003


Wu (Martial)      Jack Regan © 2003

The character wu has the primary meaning of force; military; warlike. For example, the Chinese word wushu is translated as martial (wu) arts (shu). The character wu itself has two parts. The big downward stroke with the hook at the bottom is the character yi with two meanings:

1. to catch; to take
2. to shoot with arrow and bow

The parts to the left are the character jeng with several meanings. Here are the first four from my dictionary:

1. the obverse side; the right side
2. appropriate; proper; just; unbiased; to make proper; formal; to correct
3. pure; not contaminated
4. straightforward and unbending; honest and virtuous.


To this artist, these meanings characterize the United States position in the conflict with Iraq. Technical military power appropriately applied. May history prove us right!